The end is in sight, spring is nipping at the heels of another long winter, and the anticipation of warmer days ahead is starting to lift winters fog from our memory. While the calendar does not note the official start of the season for several more weeks, it’s not too early to start on a few pre-season projects.
Indoors you can brighten up your space and minimize the mess that winter left behind. Wipe down windows, walls, and floors; dust light fixtures and ceiling fans, perhaps even a new coat of paint is warranted. Outdoors you can start on some early spring projects to help bring your yard back to life after its winter hibernation. We have some great buys this month to help you get started.

Get your lawn ready for the growing season ahead by tackling thatch with the Tru Temper Lawn Groom Thatching Rake #1914000. Thatch is a naturally occurring layer of interconnected dead and living stems, leaves and grass clippings, found between growing grass and the soil under it. The True Temper thatching rake is an all-purpose lawn rake with curved tines designed to clear dead thatch from the lawn. This will allows air, sunshine, water, and fertilizers in to keep the grass healthy.

This is also a good time to prevent weeds and provide nutrients to your lawn by applying Scotts Lawn Pro Weed and Feed. Weed and feed is a product that combines fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide. Lawn Pro controls most common broadleaf weeds and provides a late spring feeding. The 15 lb. bag provides 5,000 sq. ft. of coverage.

Late winter and early spring is a great time to prune most trees and shrubs and we have cut prices on a couple of great options for the task. The Gilmour Fiberglass Pole Tree Pruner 312TCS comes fully assembled and includes a lifetime replacement policy from the manufacturer. Using a pole pruner to remove stems all the way to the base of the plant saves time and is easy on your back.

The 3 piece pruning set # LG2003 from Howard Berger includes a bypass lopper, hedge shears and bypass pruner. All have cushion grip comfort handles and will keep your yard and garden looking great all season long. Click here for a handy guide on the best time to prune different kinds of plants.