Autumn brings beautiful foliage colors, crisp mornings, cool evenings and thoughts of the many fall chores that lay ahead. We’ll help you get a jump on some of those chores by offering the perfect assortment of garden tools & other fall-related products now at great seasonal prices!
Fall means cleaning, both indoors and out, which calls for plenty of heavy-duty trash bags. A good choice is Howard Berger’s 42-Gal., 3-ML Contractor Trash Bags in the 20-Ct. box. They measure a large 32″ x 50″ and are plenty strong so you’ll use less. Also available are the 55-Gal. Drum Liners, also in a 20-Ct. box. Pick up a few boxes to be sure you don’t run out!
Trimming shrubs and trees, raking & leaf blowing, and chopping firewood are a few of the outdoor chores you’ll be facing this month. Why not invest in a powerful, high quality chain saw and leaf blower to make things a little easier this fall?